The right grain for every application

Geometrically shaped ceramic abrasive grain for maximum stock removal


  • Geometrically shaped ceramic abrasive grain
  • Maximum stock removal and a faster-cut action for superalloys and stainless steels
  • Reduced temperature in the contact area extends service life
Universal grain for a wide range of metal applications


  • Universal grain for many different metal applications
  • Perfect combination of toughness and hardness
  • Ideal for intermediate and finish grinding
Ceramic abrasive grain ‘Made in Germany’


  • Optimized self-sharpening effect for machining high-alloy steels under high contact pressure
  • Reduced temperature in contact area
  • Significantly longer service life
Ceramic abrasive grain ‘Made in Germany’


  • Top product with self-sharpening effect (see below) for machining unalloyed steels and stainless steels
  • Very high stock removal
  • Cool grinding characteristics maximize intervention time
Long-term abrasive with granulate


  • Uniform stock removal down to the backing material translates into an extended service life and produces consistent surfaces
  • Optimized grain reserve
  • Improved bonding properties
  • Constant self-sharpening thanks to the granulate structure
Long-term abrasive with granulate


  • Extremely long service life
  • Uniform stock removal
  • Reproducible surface finishes and consistent roughness
  • Constant self-sharpening thanks to the granulate structure
Diamond abrasive for processing titanium and tungsten carbide, glass, marble and granite


  • Extremely hard
  • For machining coated and hard, brittle materials such as titanium/tungsten carbide, glass, marble and granite
VSM ILUMERON long-term abrasive without ‘random’ scratches


  • Full faced coated long-term abrasive with special applied bonding
  • For fine and consistent surfaces with a high gloss level
  • Developed for machining stainless steels, superalloys and unalloyed steels
Surface Conditioning and Clean & Finish products


  • Perfectly follows the shape of a workpiece
  • For premium scratch patterns which can easily be reproduced
  • Available as AO and SIC
Abrasives with silicon carbide


  • Very hard
  • Ideal for working titanium, glass, minerals, ceramic, china and stones
Zirconia alumina abrasives for high stock removal


  • Abrasive with constant self-sharpening
  • Prolonged and high grinding performance
  • Very high stock removal for medium pressure applications

The VSM self-sharpening solution

In VSM ACTIROX abrasives, the geometrically shaped ceramic abrasive grains wear down at a uniform rate. As they do, they constantly produce new, razor-sharp cutting edges.


Thanks to the microcrystalline grain structure of VSM CERAMICS Plus and VSM CERAMICS, the ceramic grain wears down in a defined manner during grinding, continuously generating new, sharp cutting edges. This is what we call the ‘optimized self-sharpening effect’.


Aluminum oxide and zirconium oxide are finely dispersed throughout the microstructure of VSM ZIRCONIA ALUMINA. During the grinding process, the materials wear down alternately.


VSM COMPACTGRAIN long-term abrasives are made up of a granulate that contains numerous abrasive grains. Worn abrasive grains are torn off by the grinding forces to expose the sharp tips of unused grains.    

Abrasives with self-sharpening effect

Additional grinding-active layers for specific applications

Cool grinding reduces discoloration and structural changes

The VSM TOP SIZE coat is recommended for dry grinding of heat-resistant stainless steels and non-ferrous metals. Thanks to the additional layer with its grinding-inducing additives, the cutting performance is improved whilst the temperature in the contact area is reduced. In addition, the useful life of the abrasive is dramatically enhanced.

STEARATE reduces chip adhesion for longer tool life

The anti-adhesive layer of STEARATE is primarily used for machining non-ferrous metals. It prevents chip adhesion and thus clogging of the abrasive. It also enhances the service life of the abrasive.

Antistatic coating avoids electrostatic charge build-up to keep the workbench clean

Abrasives with an antistatic coat are primarily used for woodworking. They prevent the build-up of an electrostatic charge so that the grinding dust does not adhere to the workpiece or the machine.

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