VSM celebrates abrasives and grinding professionals

International Abrasives Day 2023 | Imagine a world without abrasives

A world without abrasives would be pretty rough!

Bacteria in your milk, small cuts from your smartphone or crushed tomatoes. This is what our everyday life would be like without abrasives. That doesn't sound too pleasant, does it? Containers in the food industry are ground, just like smartphone surfaces or knife blades. The list is endless. Abrasives not only make our everyday lives smoother, but also safer.

Celebrating abrasives and grinding professionals

VSM AG launched the first International Abrasives Day on 29 March 2023 to draw attention to precisely these processes. Without modern abrasives, a world away from sandpaper from DIY stores, and the right professionals in the companies, many industrial processes would not even be possible. So on International Abrasives Day, we are celebrating abrasives and grinding professionals alike, and their significant contribution to so many industrial production processes.

Ridged, rough and dull

True to this year’s motto “Imagine a world without abrasives”, we will show you what a world like this would look like in March. - Ridged, rough and dull would be the nicest adjectives. Stay tuned and visit our LinkedIn profile or visit www.vsmabrasives.com/international-abrasives-day.

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