NEW: ACTIROX Fibre Disc AF799

New fibre disc with triangular abrasive grain for unalloyed steels

VSM AG has introduced another fiber disc with VSM ACTIROX technology to the market: VSM ACTIROX AF799 has been specially developed for processing non-alloyed steels and expands the VSM range of geometrically shaped ceramic grain abrasives.

About a year ago, VSM presented the latest generation of abrasives optimized for efficient stock removal. The VSM ACTIROX AF890 with the newly developed geometric ceramic abrasive grain was able to set new standards with regard to stock removal and grinding speeds when processing high-alloyed steels and stainless steels.

Optimal for welded seams, constructions and deburring of flame-cut parts.
Now, VSM offers the ideal ACTIROX version for all types of application where non-alloyed steels are concerned: As with the AF890, ACTIROX AF799 also incorporates aligned geometric ceramic abrasive grains that break down very uniformly and in a controlled manner. As they break down, they constantly produce new, razor-sharp cutting edges. The result is a faster and particularly aggressive cut: ACTIROX AF799 demonstrates its strengths in weld removal and processing, as well as being ideally suited for processing construction elements and welded constructions – such as LKW superstructures – and for deburring flame-cut parts made of carbon steel.

Optimum productivity and lower operating costs
Companies involved in processing non-alloyed steels can now also profit from the ACTIROX technology: It has been shown that up to twice the stock removal rate can be achieved in the shortest time in comparison to traditional ceramic grain abrasives. The faster cut and longer service life lead to a reduction in operating costs – and a significant increase in productivity.

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Felicia Moyo

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